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Decorate your cakes with jaw-dropping designs using this professional quality food-grade stencils.

Designed by Holland-based cake artist, Edwin Weimer, these stencils offer great reusability and flexibility for your cake decorating projects.

This stencil features a cute sea life design, featuring penguin silhouettes - ideal for incorporating under-the-sea themes on your cake tiers or fondant-covered cake boards. 

All stencils are precision cut on our laser machines, made from quality 125 micron Mylar plastic. This is a thin plastic sheeting that is strong, flexible, and food safe. The properties of the Mylar stencil film allows you to bend it around curves and into corners, as well as washing and reusing time and time again.

If you are using water-based paints like emulsion paints these are very easy to clean off your stencil. Soak the stencil in warm soapy water for a few minutes and then use your stencil brush to lightly clean the loosened paint off the stencil. For oil-based paints, we recommend cleaning the stencil using white spirits.


Top Tips

  • Rotate and flip stencils to achieve multiple effects.
  • Continue to manoeuvre the stencils to create multiple images on a single surface.
  • Ovelap templates to create unique patterns.
  • Add interior shading and detailing for a professional finish.
  • Tape or pin your stencils to the edges of your work surface while decorating.
  • Carefully peel the stencil off your work when finished.
  • Avoid sliding the stencil around during use, as it could cause the design to smudge.

De stencils zijn NIET vaatwasmachinebestendig en mogen niet worden blootgesteld aan temperaturen +40 C, anders kunnen ze vervormen.

Stencil | Balloons L | Edwin Weimer

€ 17,50 Normale prijs
€ 5,00Verkoopprijs
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